"Baby we found love, right where we are." - Ed Sheeran

Our Story (as told by Chris)

#FirstSighting: I initially saw Meghan Burns on the evening of Tuesday, December 12, 2006. It was a freezing night at the University of Connecticut and my roommate and I were hunkered down in the Homer Babbidge Library to demonstrate our best impressions of "studying" during finals week. While people watching and drinking my second Rockstar Juiced Energy drink, I mean studying, I was immediately drawn over my roommates head to a pretty gal wearing a leopard print headband and yellow long sleeved waffle knit shirt walk into the bathroom. I know it happens in movies and TV shows, but the room really did stand still. Now at this point, being a 20 year old know-it-all college bro, I'm under the impression I've seen close to all females on the Storrs campus. But not Meg. This was a first for me. I knew I had to make some type of move. However with dirty cargo sweatpants, a baggy hoodie, and just overall terrible game, I was hesitant. 

However, something religious-like happened just seconds later. On her way back from the bathroom, I saw her sit with a mutual friend who just so happened to be dating my friend that week/night/day/hour/moment in time. I knew this was my chance, so with weak knees and butterflies fluttering throughout my person, I walked across the basement of the library to the table where the girls were sitting. I miraculously made the connection that it was in fact finals week, therefore I brought my notebook over and asked how she was doing with her studies. Luckily this girl introduced me to Meghan right away, and while I am always praised for my impeccable memory skills, the rest of that night was a blur. As far as a timeline goes, it could have been 60 seconds, it could have been 6 minutes but I kind of blacked out to be perfectly honest.


I went home that night definitely with a huge crush but didn't really have any expectations considering those meet & greets seemed to happen all the time at that age whether it be in the cafe, class or some random party. Not to mention, UConn is a huge school so I thought the chances of realistically meeting up again were probably slim to none--or so I thought. I made the connection through some research (stalking) that Meg would be at Huskies for the infamous Nickel Night on Friday, December 15 (also the first day of Hanukkah that particular year. No, I'm not jewish but I wanted to display those impeccable memory skills previously mentioned). This was the one last HUGE bar night for undergrads before the long awaited holiday break, so with some of my buddies, we trekked it to Huskies like 2 hours before most people showed up. I wanted to make sure I was there with a good seat. The night was going as it usually did, with about 500 packed shoulder to shoulder, Lil' Jon bumping and some form of red mixed concoction spilled all over my jeans. I'd be lying if I said I was having fun, since I could not for the life of me, find Meghan anywhere through the sea of people. Although I was starting to get restless, I somehow kept my position at that corner table in tact and eventually from that corner table I saw Meg by herself in line waiting to get in. We chatted for quite some time, and seemingly hit it off. I got her number as I left the bar that night which was HUGE. 

They say you should give it the 2-day rule once you get a girl's number, you know, to make them sweat it out. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not the most patient fellow so I decided to call her at like 9:53am the following morning on my way back home for winter break. When she picked up the phone, you could tell from Meg's voice that she was completely shocked/confused as to who was even calling her but she stayed on the phone (huge victory). I ended up walking around my neighborhood because I was still in the "I don't want my mom and dad eavesdropping" phase and can remember losing feeling in my right hand from the cold. I know Meg was into me because she talked to me for over an hour, and was really chatty. It's not like she does that with...wait....wow...Meg could talk to ANYONE for an hour. Now I don't feel as special. (Half-kidding)...

From that conversation, we were able to start something special and hit the ground running. Over the next month or so, I traveled up to the desolate Storrs campus throughout winter break and fell completely head over heels in love with Meg. 

So from winter 2007 until now, here we are. Meg is without a doubt the most driven person I've ever known. She's kind, loving, compassionate and SUPER talented. I'm so thankful she took a chance on me when life was crazy and up in the air. While we've grown up so much from then until now, Meg will always be the beautiful girl in the leopard print headband to me. Thank you for visiting!