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C's Gift Guide for Men

C's Gift Guide for Men


It’s wild how fast 2018 flew by. I swear we were JUST sitting by the fire on New Year’s Eve  playing an intense game(s) of UNO (of course I had like a 7-2 lead on Meg NBD). We spent the chunk of winter patiently waiting to arrival of our first born. Nell arrived shortly thereafter then BAM! There’s snow on the ground and Christmas music on the radio again. What? How? While I can’t say I’m exactly ready for winter just yet, I do love this time of year. This holiday season I’m especially pumped as it’s our first as a family of 3 and I’ve always wanted to throw my baby on my shoulders to put the star atop the tree. I don’t care if she’s less than a year old, it’s happening. 

Meg and I have always geek’d out around the holidays so I can’t imagine how extra (milienial slang) we’re going to be this time around. With holiday parties and festive get togethers fast approaching, it’s time to deck the dudes with style. So without further ado, here’s my 2018 holiday gift guide! 

YETI Everything: No but seriously, you really can’t go wrong with YETI. We have about 12 ramblers, tumblers and colsters that I use daily. I know the hard coolers (roadie and tundra) are badass, but impractical for most unless you’re a fisherman or hunt all year long. If you’re going to opt for the cooler route, get something you’ll actually use. My recommendation is go with the hopper aka the soft cooler option. It’s compact and easy to carry unless your a wimp. Throw in a YETI Ice pack as well!

Rhoback: I’ve mentioned these guys before and probably will in almost every post because they’re just that good. Team Rhoback just came out with some really great new gear with tees and long sleeve polos. Great idea to throw in a round of 18 at a local golf course along with any Rhoback item. Currently 20% off everything with code: CRAVE

Ray Ban Sunglasses: I’m not telling you about a brand you don’t already know, but Ray Ban’s are so classic and you really can’t disappoint by gifting a pair. The wayfarers are a staple in our house, but this year I’ve got my eye on “Erika Classic” in tortoise. They’re lightweight, comfortable and remind me of the clubmasters, however the don’t have those annoying little plastic nose pads that leave red marks. Go with Erika.

Google Home: So we got a Google Home over the summer and it’s been used almost daily. We have it set up in our kitchen and constantly play music when making dinner or feeding Nell. It’s been helpful for me since I get home earlier than Meg, so many times I ask GH for a recipe to help me get dinner started. It’d be also great if your guy likes to work out at home. Volume gets pretty loud so we use it often when hosting parties or for weekend mornings by the fire.

Instant Pot: Like 10 people recommended we get this and so we finally pulled the trigger last week. We’ve used it multiple times per day and are eager to continue to find new recipes. Apparently it cooks something crazy like 70% faster than a standard crockpot. Great for families on the go, or dad’s who don’t know how to cook. If you know how to press a couple buttons, you’ll be in flavortown in no time.

Clark’s Desert Boot: These have and probably always will be my favorite shoes. The leather ages well and is extremely stylish. Definitely go down half a size as they tend to run big. 

West Third Brand Cologne: Maybe it’s the 1999 me talking here but men’s cologne doesn’t get as much love as it should. I used to crush Curve and Abercrombie & Fitch Woods which helped me thrive at middle school dances. (Sup?) Anywho, for the last couple of years I’ve alternated between different fragrances from West Third Brand. You won’t be disappointed as they all smell pretty damn great, but Meg gets extra handsy when I wear “Rambler” and/or “Tobacco”(doesn’t smell like cigs) (Meg edit: I do not get handsy, major eyeroll)

L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece: This is the ultimate sweater fleece. One look at this and you can just tell it’d be something you could wear all fall/winter long and never get sick of it. You can layer it or just rock with a t-shirt. 

Mountain Classic Insulated Anorak: The key here, is L.L.Bean’s attention to detail in how they added ultralight, ultra warm PrimaLoft to the anorak. A lot of my rain jackets are great for wicking rain away, but I wouldn’t consider them to be warm. That’ll change this Christmas. Currently 20% off with code THANKS20

Signature Leather Duffel: I’ve had my duffel for several years now and it truly gets better with age. It’s already broken in nicely and like all LLB, it’s quality is superior.

Windowpane Cotton-Wool Scarf: Finding a soft and comfortable scarf is harder to find than it looks. Often the best looking scarves are the least comfortable but Banana Republic has a lot of great options. I recommend a versatile color like this heather grey. Currently 50% off through Cyber Monday!

Moccamaster Coffee Maker: (Meg edit: you know we really love this when we both included in our lists of favs without talking to each other!) We found this gem on sale last year and rarely get coffee anywhere but our kitchen these days. It’s won a ton of awards and I’m usually not the type to care about that stuff but wow. 

The Leesa Pillow : This is by far my favorite pillow I’ve ever owned, that is all. 

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack : Well equipped for work/dad life essentials. Padded and fleece lined laptop sleeve is a nice little bonus, especially when traveling.

UGG Ascot Slipper: These stay on my feet around the house for 6 months out of the year. The ascots are really warm as they’re lined with wool. The gum sole is super durable, so you can throw them on for weekends at home or running errands. Personally, I like keeping them SOLEY (get it) for indoor use, especially when Nell crawling all  over the floor these days.

Hermès Goliath Bracelet: Definitely the priciest item on here, but if you really like wristwear, this is an all-time classic that you’ll own forever. It’s got a great balance of leather with the plated hardware that adds a nice touch of detail. It stacks really well and also looks nice opposite of a wristwatch. Some guys reading this may steer away from bracelets for whatever reason, but some just haven’t found the right one yet. If you’re one of those people, I strongly recommend the Goliath from Hermès. 

J. Crew Cashmere Hat: Recently got this on sale in navy. The knit fits perfectly as it’s not too tight or too loose. They have a variety of colors. Currently 50% off with code TGIF!

J.Crew Polar Fleece Overshirt: Also snagged this on sale last week. It’s been great for layering and can be dressed up or down. Also included in the 50% off sale with code TGIF!

Banana Republic x Kevin Love Italian Melton Top Coat: This jacket is pricey but my god it’s magnificent. It’s got a great color and fit. Has a stylish look that will be sure to turn heads.  Currently 50% off in cart, no code needed.

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