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What's in my Medicine Cabinet


I always laugh a little when I get requests for my hair/skincare routine. I've always struggled with my skin and tend to be my own worst enemy - I over analyze every pore and always make things worse. Acne, dryness, aging, sun damage... as I get older I realize how much my skin has gone through and I've made a concentrated effort to improve my routine.

Both my skin and hair took a beating from pregnancy and now post-partum hormones. I've made a concentrated effort while I have a bit more time on maternity leave to take care of myself and was generously gifted a few spa treatments. At my most recent facial the aesthetician told me that my skin was extremely dry and I finally realized that perhaps my acne-prone skin was self-inflicted because I wayyyy over-dry it! Anyway, I've been using a lot more moisturizing products lately and I've seen a great improvement in my skin. Here's what's currently in my cabinet!


My friend Julie told me a few years ago that I should "pre-cleanse" to take off all of my makeup before using my actual cleanser. Sounds like an extra step but OMG what a game changer!! At night, I use Origins Makeup Removing Jelly before cleansing with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser in the shower. In the morning I use Dr. Dennis Gross All-In-One Cleanser and Toner (I LOVE his products and this was recommended for me during my last facial). It's also a "dry" cleanser which I love for the morning - I feel clean and refreshed but not dried out before putting on makeup, etc.

I also picked up a small size of Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser on the recommendation from a friend and so far I really like it! It's got a little "grit" to it so I may start using that a few times per week to exfoliate. I only got a small size first because I'm always hesitant of uber-expensive beauty products; especially when they are all natural (sorry being honest). I've had so many bad experiences with brands like Juice Beauty that I end up hating and then I'm stuck using a whole bottle out of guilt.


I became a cult fan of Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil when I was pregnant and I'm still using it. I actually use it in the morning before my moisturizer because it's super light and absorbs right in. At night I use Kiehls Nightly Refining Micro Peel. I found this via customer service chat with BlueMercury while searching for a pregnancy-safe replacement for their PowerGlow pads and I love it!

Asterwood Naturals Hyaluronic Acid is my tried-and-true best friend - in the winter I use it at night and mix it with my moisturizer in the morning. In the warmer months I used it as my final serum (always layer serums thinnest to thickest - this is my thickest!). I found this brand on Amazon and it's my absolute favorite. It's also only $16.90 for a huge bottle!


In the morning I layer Darphin Intral Redness Relief Recovery Balm over my serum. This is a pricey one but like I said, I've been kind of beating up my skin and this has REALLY helped with redness and sensitivity. It's got a green tint to it which also helps under makeup. 

At night, I use Blue Mercury's M-61 Hydraboost Cream if I'm feeling really parched or Dr. Dennis Gross Hyluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion as a lighter option (especially if I haven't worn makeup that day and don't need to double cleanse). I used to use moisturizers for oily skin and swapping to more nourishing creams has really decreased my breakouts.

Eye Creams:

I never thought I needed eye cream until I had my makeup done a few months ago and saw my lines up close - YIKES! In the morning I use Laura Mercier's Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum because it doubles as a highlighter. This is my second bottle of this and each one lasted me a full year! I'm sure you're probably supposed to replace it before then or something but for $83 I will intentionally stretch it ;) At night I've been trying Dr. Dennis Gross Hyluronic Marine Dew it Right Eye Gel and I LOVE it. Super light and not too pricey. I hate super thick eye creams that melt into my eyes overnight, yuck.

I also have to admit that I'm a die-hard LashBoost user. It's the real deal and was the first product I re-ordered after I stopped breastfeeding! My friend Julie is a very discreet R+F rep (she doesn't slam your FB feed and lets me order only when I need things) so feel free to reach out if you want to try it. ((FYI I am in no way affiliated with Rodan and Fields nor do I get any referral action, etc. (she doesn't even know I'm including her here)- I am just a Lash Boost fan.))

Hair Finishing:

I live for Oribe's Superfine Hair Spray and their Dry Texturizing Spray (I use it as dry shampoo). I used to use their Gold Lust products but now I spend all my money on cute swaddles instead - these are the two products that I can still justify!

That's just about it! I am also a huge fan of face masks but I will do a separate post about those as I'm still trying out a few new ones. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions in the comments!

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