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C's Spring Picks

C's Spring Picks


I can’t be alone in saying this winter has STUNK. Here in New England we had ice storm after ice storm, arctic blasts, and more moody grey days than I can ever remember. And if you’re raising a child(ren) like us, you probably caught every illness up and down the Oregon Trail. Seriously, what is roseola? Hand foot mouth disease? And as I’m writing this, we just got back from the pediatrician where Nell has not a single but a DOUBLE ear infection along with DOUBLE pink eye. Kidding me? Daycare life can hit you like a ton of bricks. 

Anyways, Meg and I try to constantly remind ourselves that in the grand scheme of things we are so lucky. We have a home, awesome friends + family, working cars, careers and a beautiful 1 year old with all the sass we can handle. We are truly blessed. It’s sometimes tough to appreciate things that are going well, when everything seems to be going wrong for weeks and months on end. Hand up, I need to do a better job of taking a step back as we approach the new spring season. I need to refocus some of my thinking into solution-focused thoughts versus, “wahhh we don’t have any more creamer for coffee or ugh can you believe she has another fever!?!” Complaining about it really never helps the situation. (Meg comment: I fully support this)

I guess if anything, this winter has taught me to appreciate what we have, and not what we don’t. Taking some must need tips from Meg’s “no shop” challenge, my goal moving forward is to focus on the simple things that make me happy. Whether it’s the clothes on my back or appreciating the overall health of my family, taking the time to appreciate the little things matters. And aside from squeezing Nell until she almost pops from laughing so hard, one of the BEST feelings is saying goodbye to bone chilling temps, cracking open some windows and transitioning into comfortable, fashionable springtime attire. So with that, here are my menswear must-haves as we leave the winter behind and focus on greener, and healthier pastures ahead!

Marine Layer

Anza Anorak 

 This retro anorak jacket has one of the better color blocking schemes I’ve seen. It’s super flexible and ML got it right by adding the side zippers to make it easier to put on or take off. 

  Hill City

Everyday Pant in Slim Fit

 We all have that favorite pair of pants in our drawer and the Hill City Everyday Pant takes the top seed for my current favorite pair of pants. The stretch is unreal and quite frankly a game changer when constantly bending over to pick up Nell or run 10 errands in a row. There’s also a hidden sneaky back pocket with a zipper to secure wallet and other essentials. May sound like a minor detail, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Oh, and they come in SIX different colors. Go grab your new favorite chinos today. 

Performance Socks

Being honest, I feel sort of lame putting socks on here but these performance socks from Hill City are so.dope. I’ve been using them for workouts but also with a pair of vans. To me they’re at a very nice balance between fit and thickness. I have them in all colors. I suggest you do the same!

J Crew: 

Garment Dyed French Terry Hoodie

I’ll be honest. The color options for these hoodies sold me immediately. They remind me of J. Crew from the mid-2000’s when they had hoodies very similar to these. I love the “faded wine” and it actually looks even better in person. It is the PERFECT spring transition piece and I imagine it’ll also be worn during late night fire pit conversations with my neighbors well into the summer. Pricing is extremely reasonable as well (currently 30% off with code NEWNEW). 

 Nike Killshots (Burgundy or White)

As I’m writing this there are some left in stock but by the time Meg posts this there very well could not be any left. If you’ve followed me over the years, you know I love my Killshots (4 pair club woot woot). The burgundy differs from the previous navy blue Nike check, and this time features more of a mesh foam material. At first glance I was hesitant because burgundy is not the easiest to match with, but will be an awesome pop of color with spring time basics. So throw on a grey hoodie, jeans along with the new burgundy Killshots and you’ll be all set. 

L.L. Bean

Maine’s finest sure got it right this spring. I am probably most excited about their spring pieces since they’re pretty much all-year round items that just thrive best come this time a year.

 Men’s Airlight Knit Pullover

This pullover defies gravity with how lightweight it feels. The fabric is constructed so that it keeps you warm when the temps drop but comfy when on the go. I just recently wore it on a 3-mile run and didn’t get too hot or cold, but just right. For reference, I’m 6’3 and hover around 210lbs. I take a Large, Tall.

Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater

I will most likely include this sweater in any and every menswear must-haves I write about because it’s one of the best, most appreciated items in my closet. Just your classic cable knit sweater that’s wearable all year long.  It pairs really well with shorts on the beach, but also layers really well with an oxford button down even in the dead of winter. Even if this sweater came in neon yellow, I would consider getting it. I take a Large. (Meg note: if not for #noshop19 I’d be buying this for myself as I have a long torso and the women’s version runs short!)

TEL O2 3L, Storm Jacket, Hard Shell

All year The hand pockets and 3-point adjustable hood allows of a more custom-fit look to it. I am actually just a Large in this. 

Mountain Classic Cordura Pack

I needed a new backpack like crazy so snagged this. I use it almost everywhere I go whether it be commuting to work, running errands with Nell, and on vacations. This pack is great because it’s durable through all types of weather, has great padded space for my iPad, and the shoulder straps are comfortable for a change. 

Bean Boot Boat & Tote

This is basically two of LLB’s most iconic items smashed together. It’s the bean boot and boat & tote combined to make the best of both worlds. Great for pool and beach days along with weekend visits. I got it in olive but also LOVE it in the camouflage look. 

Many thanks to LLBean for sending me some new spring duds!

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